Stewardship begins at home. If you live near one of America's beautiful National Forests, please help guard God's gift of that part of Creation, for all generations of Americans, and all of God's children around the world.

America's National Forests are being clear-cut and plundered as never before. Only tiny remnants of our public forests have not been defiled by the forest killers dispatched by the timber beasts. God gave us these forests to admire and enjoy for all time, but greed has co-opted God's command that we, his people practice good stewardship.

The plunder must cease, if we are to not only protect and preserve America the Beautiful, but the very Creation given to us by God. All Americans of all faiths must enlighten the exploiters and give them the chance to honor God, instead of defiling His name through their evil deeds of destruction. GUARD OUR NATIONAL FORESTS IN THE NAME OF GOD.

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